Who are you SkottegatenFM? – with Karen Werner and DJ Simon Alejandro

Outside of Skottegaten 20 and at 88.6FM 17.04.2021 16.0017.04.2021 18.00


Please join us for a presentation by Karen Werner, an artist currently doing a work residence at BEK from her own home. Set up outside of Skottegaten 20, this will be a live radio broadcast and street party!

Saturday 17 April at 16:00-18:00
Outside of Skottegaten 20 in Nordnes and at 88.6FM

SkottegatenFM is a micro-FM radio station, launched in February 2021 by the artist Karen Werner. In her dining room she has set up a SkottegatenFM transmission point where she broadcasts daily at noon and invites interested neighbours to broadcast from their homes. Anyone in listening range can tune in at 88.6FM, or borrow the transmitter for a one-time or regular show. One is never sure where the signal originates from. The line-up of SkottegatenFM shows includes poetry; interviews with neighbors on topics such as weaving and local history; music; Norwegian language for beginners; surreal weather and traffic reports; the history of micro-FM; dream interpretation and on-air calls.

On 17 April we move the station to the street and invite you to a live broadcast with a creative transmission by Karen on the topic, “Who are you SkottegatenFM?” and a radio-inspired DJ-set by Simon Alejandro. You can tune in with your own radio in the neighborhood at 88.6FM, or join us on the street, just outside of Skottegaten 20.

Karen Werner

Karen Werner is a radio artist and sociologist who moved to Bergen in 2020 and has recently made radio pieces for MÆKUR, Wave Farm, RUMMUR_Radio, RadioArt106FM and USMARadio. In 2016, she launched Strange Radio, a series of radio compositions, sound installations and live performances about Holocaust postmemory. Her work has been supported by Tonspur Kunstverein Wien, MuseumsQuartier Wien, studio das weisse haus, Kone Foundation, Kunstradio, Hemera Foundation and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. In 2019-2020, Karen was the Inaugural Radio Artist Fellow at Wave Farm in New York. Karen is a PhD artistic research fellow at KMD, the University of Bergen. 

Karen Werner’s website.

Simon Alejandrois

Simon Alejandrois a Bergen based music lover and founder and resident dj of Jungelen, a club night and concert series. He started as a rapper/mc in 2006 and got on with collecting records and playing them in 2012. The last years he has been mostly making people dance to sounds from the Caribbean, Africa and South America.

The event is organized by BEK.
We are following all rules and regulations given by the health authorities and governement for public events and infection control. This means there can be changes to the programme at very short notice.

We kindly ask everyone to keep 2 meters distance and/or wear a face mask. Please stay at home and get tested if you feel unwell and have symptoms of Covid-19.