Verdensteatret: Trust Me Tomorrow

Performance at Black Box Theatre at the Ultima festival 17.09.2020 24.09.2020


Verdensteatret’s new performance Trust Me Tomorrow premieres during the Ultima festival in Oslo, and will be shown at Black Box Theatre 17th – 24ht September. The performance explores the experience of blindness, and is described as a free-floating performance work ranging from quiet, elegant introspection to a disturbed and fuzzy mindscape. Much of the performance’s video and audio material has been created in collaboration with “deepbek”, BEK’s AI server.

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Trust Me Tomorrow explores the experience of blindness. Set partly in a desert landscape of high contrast light and shadow, the piece attempts to project into the possible future. Darkness becomes a space for projection, contemplation and desire. Animals which are blind or have limited vision have developed alternative ways of navigating the world – can humans do that too?

Trust Me Tomorrow is a free-floating performance work ranging from quiet, elegant introspection to a disturbed and fuzzy mindscape. While seeking to reveal an alternative time, it also seeks a handrail, a guide, something to hold on to while groping in the dark – in a world where meaning and truth are imploding.

Verdensteatret has worked with machine learning in collaboration with BEK, with the aim of developing visual and audio material that shows the learning process itself. In their experiments, Verdensteatret have used video and audio material from various stages in the development of the performance as raw material for the machine. It has, for example, been fed with film and sound recordings of objects, movements, or sequences of a performance, and has then been working for a couple of weeks interpreting the material. This result has then formed the basis for new recordings and a new learning process, and so on. This is a slow process, and a new form of representation or mimesis. Through its aesthetics, the project challenges political issues related to technology and the manipulation of truth today.

Creative team: Ali Djabbary, Asle Nilsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Janne Kruse, Laurent Ravot, Magnus Bugge, Martin Taxt, Niklas Adam, and Torgrim Torve.

Thanks to: Andrea Bakketun, Bálint Laczkó, Icaro Zorbar and Piotr Pajchel, BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts.
International Distribution: Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner.
Produced by Verdensteatret in collaboration with Ultima, Black Box teater and Rosendal Teater.
Supported by Kulturrådet

(Photo: Verdensteatret)