The Whistling Project by Susi Law

the museum garden of Alvøen Manor 01.06.2014 12.0030.06.2014 00.00


The Whistling Project is a performative research initiated by Susi Law from last fall, she interviewed whistlers she came across and collected whistling sound in different cities in Germany, Switzerland, France and Norway. By invitation from curator Gitte Sætre, the project is now stationed at Alvøen (one of the oldest industrial communities which became one of the finest residential areas) with interactions between the local residents and the nature by private/ public whistling moments.

The project Whistle for Alvøen begins at Alvøen Culture Day* and will last for the whole month in June. Artist/ Active Listener Susi Law will be setting up a few whistling stations in Alvøen, and collect stories and whistling tunes in the air. The selected research materials will be shown in the end of June.

Susi Law, independent artist and active listener. She focuses on capturing, translating, articulating and circulating sensitivity. She graduated from Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong and Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and have been working on curatorial affairs in sound art.

BEK supported the project with equipment and working space.