The sound in-between

Sola ruinkirke 14.01.2016 17.0017.01.2016 14.00


Lyden i mellomrommet / The sound in-between from Line Horneland on Vimeo.

Sound is central to human life, and the aspect of sound is implicit in spatiality. The project thematizes space and sound in an art context, as a place for the listener’s prereflective experiences.

The installation is part of a master project at Stord/Haugesund University College, with Trond Lossius at BEK as external supervisor.

The installation can be experienced in week 2, 2016:

Thursday 14 January 17-19 pm
Friday 15 January 17-19 pm
Saturday 16 January 12-14 pm
Sunday 17 January 12-14 pm

Thanks to Sola kulturhus