The exhibition “Grøne sjøar og blått blod” at Kabuso

Kabuso 16.02.2013 14.3021.04.2013 00.00


Emerald lakes and blue blood

Carl Martin Hansen, Glenn Erik Haugland and Heidi Tronsmo takes climate change and the way this corrodes Folgefonna, into a sensory experience, using sculpture, video, text, audio and drawings.

The production opens Saturday 16. February at 14.30. On this same day, the first of four concerts take place. Composer Glenn Erik Haugland has chosen to call these concerts musical wonderings. On stage, he brings glacier researcher Jostein Bakke from the Bjerknes Institute together with musicians Jostein Stalheim, Heidi Tronsmo, Ivar Kolve and Anne Goro Haugland, asking Who is She?

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