Shelter by Longva+Carpenter

Festspillene i Bergen 01.05.2013 00.0030.05.2013 00.00


Shelter by Longva+Carpenter was edited into an 11-minute exhibition version as well as a 3-minute documentation excerpt. This completes the trilogy of Longva+Carpenter’s performances in the Needs Series. The second of these performances, Thirst, will be performed live at Festspillene i Bergen in May. Now, all the excerpted video is available to view on their website.

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Shelter is the third and final installment in the Needs Series, Shelter is a durational sculptural performance work by collaborative team Longva+Carpenter. One woman sits at a solid table, piled high with small stones. She considers, perhaps counts, and drops each one to the ground. A second woman, with a similar, heavy table and chair strapped to her back, attempts to drag an overflowing bag of stones across the whole length of floor. Both women wear mirrors around their necks that demand that they finally face themselves as they perform these seemingly senseless, endless, yet poignant, tasks.

Presented at Rochester Contemporary Art Center | Rochester, NY | January 2012