Samuel Brzeski: “Yep, that’s the mood.”

Østre, Østre Skostredet 3 20.11.2021 21.30


20 NOVEMBER 21:30
Østre, Østre Skostredet 3
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Taking the fragmented voice as a starting point, the technologically mediated performance  “Yep, that’s the mood.” delves into the texture, materiality, and quality of the voice when pitted against the more rigid structures of text-based language. 

Combining rewritten, re-ordered and recomposed texts sourced from a variety of origins both online and offline, the performance follows traditions of sound poetry and conceptual writing alike to articulate a vocalic body of the digital collective consciousness. 

Oscillating between signification and sonority, between speech sounds and noise, ideas of the different temporalities of mediated language will be articulated across parallel narratives.

“Yep, that’s the mood.” delves into the possibilities inherent within the shared presence of performed language, through text and through voice. The fragmented disembodied digital presence is met with the grounded, embodied presence of the voice in its hypnotic and sonorous rhythmicity. The differing vocal and linguistic structures that affect our brains, our possible subjectivities, our systems of memory and our emotional structures are explored through repetition, variation and semantic imagination.

Samuel Brzeski

Samuel Brzeski (UK/Norway) works between the fields of writing and art. His predominantly text-based practice elaborates on the place and presence of the emotive body within the postdigital swirl of language. This involves exploring the inherent malleability of language to create and/or question meaning, narrative and experience. Working primarily with acts of reading and vocal semantics, the works investigate how the emotional impacts of digital culture are manifested through literature, poetics, text and voice. Recent and ongoing projects include, in Norway, Lydgalleriet, KRAFT, Studio 17, SLAKT, Bergen Assembly and Black Box Theatre, as well as Chao Art Centre in China, and bb15 in Austria.

Portrait of Samuel Brzeski: Nayara Leite.

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