Så jævla sanntid: Introduction to Max in Verktøykassen

At BEK og 11.06.2020 11.0011.06.2020 15.00


Our latest Verktøykassen (the Toolbox) offering is an introductory workshop in the development tool Max: a flexible, powerful visual programming software that uses on-screen boxes and ‘wires’. In addition to making complex sounds and music, you will have the opportunity to manipulate videos and create animations. Max also allows you to connect all kinds of keyboards, controller knobs and other Arduino-based buttons and sensors. There will be a few places for participants to join at BEK, and the workshop will be live-streamed for all other interested participants.

This version of Verktøykassen will be live-streamed here Thursday 11th June, 11.00 – 15.00
Feel free to ask questions in the Youtube chat. If you do not have access to chat, you can send an e-mail with your questions to verktø

Verktøykassen is a free event, open to all and will be held in Norwegian and/or English as appropriate.

About Verktøykassen

Verktøykassen (the Toolbox) at BEK is a space to learn and try out technical tools, both hardware and software. Sessions are hands-on, highly interactive and open to people with different levels of experience. Verktøykassen takes place regularly, with a different theme each time. Participants are invited to share ideas or questions with the group, which is led by game developer and programmer Stian Remvik.

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About Stian Remvik

Stian Remvik is a games developer and programmer who has worked as an associate of BEK since 2013. Remvik graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design (2010) and has built his knowledge and experience of programming and implementing technical solutions in artistic projects through his involvement with BEK. In 2018, he launched the game GumGun and in recent years he has developed and exhibited his own computer animations. Remvik has also developed several apps, including BITWaves for BIT20 Ensemble, an app for the performance Post-Capitalistic Auction and a soon to be launched app for Siljustøl at KODE – Museum and Composer Homes in Bergen.

Visit Stian Remvik’s website.

About Så jævla sanntid (So damn real-time)

In 2020, BEK is celebrating its 20 year anniversary and throughout the year we will present a number of different projects – both new artistic projects and a selection from our archive. First up is Så jævla sanntid (So damn real-time) 2020 – a series where we explore various digital formats and show them online. In the coming months, we will publish these artistic projects on

Today, in this different version of everyday life, many of our actions, interactions and experiences have moved to digital platforms. A lot of activity – meetings, concerts, teaching, gaming, exhibition visits, lectures and more – happens in real-time: the actual time in which a process or event occurs. In the year 2000, strong and reliable Internet, as well as free hosting for artists’ websites, were key reasons for the creation of BEK. These services enabled entirely new forms of collaboration, which could take place in real-time over the Internet. In 2000, BEK organised the workshop Så jævla sanntid, exploring real-time video processing and this culminated in a live, real-time video jam. Back then, everything was ‘so damn real-time’, in other words – real-time was the new hype. Right now, many of us may want more of a physical reality than the one that occurs in ‘so damn real-time’ over the web. We are looking forward to presenting arts and technology projects from BEK digitally, and to seeing you all IRL again!

And speaking of hosting and streaming services these days: Did you know that the very first Vimeo server was stationed at BEK?

/ 55 \ Så jævla sanntid
A one-week workshop focusing on the technical and artistic/creative aspects of the ‘NATO’ software for real-time video processing. Led by Hans Christian Gilje. The workshop culminated in an all-night video jam at the Akademiske Kvarter.
– from BEK’s annual report 2000

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