Roar Sletteland: Dubtables

Lydgalleriet, Ekko Festival 22.10.2017 17.0029.10.2017


During Ekko Festival Roar Sletteland’s installation Dubtables will be on view at Lydgalleriet. The project has been developed at BEK, and is showing the basics of the vinyl as media – a rotating disc, arm, motor and stylus in an automated yet unpredictable DJ-sett.

Dubtables is an audio installation with record players and dubplates that focus on the materiality and performative qualities of the record player as a socio-cultural phenomenon: DJ and club-culture, dancing as a social activity and technology as a prerequisite for it. On the other hand, it is about the vinyl medium as representation of reality; how the sound forms images or prints of sound waves that have once worked on a microphone, which the needle turns into sound again.

This project originates in the dance performance The Table Turns by Roar Sletteland and Karen Eide Bøen, where the dancer´s movements controlled the movement of the turntables. This time it is the tables turn to do the dancing.

Dubtables is supported by Bergen Municipality.

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