Pressrelease: Fake Skies, Distinct Howl

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In the fall of 2017 James Welburn and Carsten Aniksdal was the first two musicians to meet in BEK’s sound studio to collaborate on a new composition, in the pilot version of what became BEK Studio Sessions. Now they are releasing two new tracks in cassette format on the Italian tape label Subsidence.

“Pressrelease: Fake Skies, Distinct Howl

In the fall of 2017 James Welburn and Carsten Aniksdal each accepted an invitation from project developer Marieke Verbiesen at the Bergen Senter for Elektronisk Kunst (Bergen Center for Electronic Arts) to use their new sound production studio and initiate a mini-residency series called “BEK Studio Sessions”. In short it was a one week residency at BEK where two musicians who have not worked together before can do a collaboration. Over the week long stay they extensively explored two ideas, resulting in a pair of lengthy experimental music compositions.

The resulting material was successfully performed on Monday September 4th 2017 as part of an event series for new experimental art called Prøverommet at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall.

A few months later Welburn was approached by Italian tape label Subsidence about a possible release, he suggested the material from the BEK Studio Sessions and the duo met again to further hone down the two compositions. Meeting first at NOTAM Studio in Oslo, then followed by subsequent collaborative editing sessions in both their respective private studios in Lillehammer and Oslo, they slowly refined the material down into two compact, dense and deeply produced 8 minute tracks.”

Listen to the tracks:
Den Seeker
Ritual Healing

Subsidence website

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