PhD student at BEK

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Marìa gives us this brief introduction to her work:

“The central idea of my research in site-specific sound installations, is not focused specifically in sound, and its relationship, directly or indirectly, to music, but somehow, and without giving my back to these central ideas, I’m studying the relationship of these artworks with contemporary discourses in Art, what means to have into account, in addition to the sound, its social consequences in the space, the spectator and the work itself.

That’s the reason why I decided some years delimitate my research main subject (‘site-specific sound installations’) to the urban context, what gives me the opportunity to introduce issues in sociology, urbanism, architecture… all in relationship to sound installations.

In the different publications on Sound Art,we could find a inter-disciplinary approach that however usually tend more to the music. With my research I want to contribute with a overview of sound art, through sound installations placed in the city, paying particular attention to the artistic discourses and artistic precedents.”