Passage (Part 1) by Aric Snee at S12

S12 14.01.2014 00.0030.01.2014 00.00


Passages (Part 1) is a series of projections that examines the phenomenon of light moving across water and our perception of movement as it relates to light and time. The vessels that we travel in are so enormous, that when we observe the world moving past us at speed, in time, the sensation of moving ourselves is lost. It somehow appears as if the world is moving under us.
Along with the last work that I exhibited at S12, “Present in Place”, this series takes into account it’s own location within the City of Bergen: it’s proximity to the historic harbor, and the seasonal light conditions that make a projection like this viewable for a longer part of a day.

Aric Snee is currently teaching Neon and Light based Sculpture at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana, USA.