Paper on artistic research at ICMC 2010

ICMC 2010, New York 01.06.2010 09.0005.06.2010 17.00



This paper presents the creative process behind the collaborative work Unruhige Räume and the tools used to realize it. Set as a piece for three computer instrumentalists and a 12-channel speaker system, Unruhige Räume is an electroacoustic work employing synthesis, sampling, processing and spatial projection in live performance. The piece is developed continuously until its premiere in March 2011.

Connecting their process to ideas and concepts found in philosophy, soundscape studies and music theory, composers and performers Habbestad and Baltazar present key challenges and choices made during the first periods of development, as well as instrumental design and composition aspects. They also address their approach towards defining a shared language to describe materials and compositional methods in use before sketching future work directions, and perspectives on the collaborative nature of the process.