Bergen tinghus, Tårnplass 2 18.11.2011 19.0018.11.2011 22.00


A zero document is the term for a document in the public sector that has been filed in a separate folder for zero documents. Such documents have for various reasons been exempted access, and documents have often not been preserved. The documents are likely to contain sensitive personal data and / or anonymous tips, but it can also be information which is obviously not relevant to the case.

If we use The zero document as an illustration of the hidden, the left out, the invisible inaccurately interpreted and constructed we have reached the ambition of Rad#3. Litterature, dramaturgy and fiction as a carrier and disseminator of information and agenda. In The judiciary, we find litterature, in literature we find The judiciary. They acknowledge each other with their similar methods and structures, and work together to portray society, but with different status from the the citizens point of view. The judiciary is truth, justice. Litterature is possibilities, where the claims are being interpreted to reach the approximate truth. To see the different truths.


Bjørn Ekeland/ lecture

Julie Lillelien Porter/ photograph

Trine Falch/ performance

Nicholas Møllerhaug/ radio drama

Alwynne Pritchard, Thorolf Thuestad og Claire Zakiewicz / performance

Rad#3 are curated by Espen Sommer Eide and Anne Marthe Dyvi