New piece by HITYAMAC

Ytre Arna 27.09.2014 19.0027.09.2014 00.00


HITYAMAC is short for “have i told you about my arctic childhood”.

It is a live concept with improvised music, video art and live visual arts performance. The expression can be described, both visually and auditive, as silent, organic and lingering, with a focus on details.

A performance acts as an associative story telling where the content to a large extent will change from time to time, both because of context, and with most of it being improvised.

Thematically they work with nordic identity, around cycles in nature and the relationship man – nature.

HITYAMAC consist of:
Henrik Koppen
Torgeir Hovden Standal
Torkjell Hovland

BEK supports with equipment.