Nanoloop & LSDJ Workshop

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Thursday 18 march, 18:00-22:00: Nanoloop
by Haeyoung Kim (New York, USA)
Nanoloop is a soundaplication for the Gameboy, allow-
ing the user to create sequences that can be played on
the device. Nanoloop is develloped by Oliver Wittchow,
a pdh electronic engineering student from Germany.
Stored on a normal game cartridge, Nanoloop allows to
produce nice electronic music without further hard-
ware, using headphones or an external amplifier as
sound output.

Friday 19 march, 18:00-22:00: LittleSoundDJ
by Chris Burke (New York, USA)
Little Sound Disk Jockey, is a soundapplication for the Game Boy that enables the user to sequence and program music on a Game Boy
The sequencer of LSDJ has a very open structure. It was designed to leave all the musical possibilities of the Game Boy in the hands of the user.

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