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The MA Degree Show in Fine Art 2014 takes place at Bergen Kunsthall from 11 Aapril to 4 May. The title is “MEAGHEA SKKLL RKGM MAH TNCA”.

This year the MA Degree Show in Fine Art at Bergen Kunsthall presents the work of 23 artists entering the final stages of the two-year study programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

The work exhibited encompasses a wide range of artistic practice including painting, sculpture, film, animation, photography, installation, sound and performance.

This exhibition may be understood as a collective portrait of a group of emerging artists who have spent a crucial period of their development in each other’s company.

These graduates come from diverse professional backgrounds, cultures, and different experiences. This exhibition provides a glimpse into the practice of these twenty-three artists at a pivotal point in their careers.

Alternative Guided Tours
The exhibitors have decided to invite the visitors to the MA Degree Show to engage in discussions about their work by offering a series of alternative guided tours and public events throughout the duration of the Degree Show.

The candidates will be inviting professionals and specialists from diverse fields to give guided tours based on their interpretation of the works through their own specialist area of knowledge.

Nora Adwan, Gavin Frankcom, Arne Pedersen, Kristin Austreid, Christiane Lieungh, Manuel Portioli, Marie Storaas, Lasse Årikstad, Stacy Brafield, Lona Hansen, Amber Ablett, Helene Førde, Alexandru Raevschi, Elin Vister, Kay Arne Kirkebø, Georgia Rodger, Margrethe Kolstad Brekke, Erna Elínbjörg Skúladóttir, ronnie s , Karin Blomgren, Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, Tatiana Lozano, Hidemi Nishida.

Anders Elsrud Hultgren
Evighetens avkom

EVIGHETENS AVKOM er en skildring av to parallelle landskap – En skikkelses rundgang gjennom et landskap hinsides naturen: I et landskap liggende parallellt med det synelige.

Margrethe Kolstad Brekke and Elin Øyen Vister
Radio Hopes and Dreams – Lab For Ecological Transistion

Elin Øyen Vister /Child of Klang, (b. 1976), is a Norwegian artist currently completing her MFA at the art academy in Bergen, Norway. She completed the Nordic Sound Art programme in 2012, and has a background in djìng and radio. Since 2010, she has been partly based in the Røst archipelago, the outermost part of Lofoten, Northern Norway.

Øyen Vister is working with field recording, sound installation, multichannel and stereo sound work, performance, live improvisation, sound for film as well as site specific sound interventions. She is occupied with listening as a practice, in ways of composing, sensing and experiencing the world; much inspired by the american philospher and composer Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening practice.

One of her ongoing projects, Soundscape Røst, investigates and documents the rapidly changing natural and cultural sound environments of the Røst archipelago, as a result of the ongoing global environmental crisis and the increasing neo liberal state politics of Norway.

Øyen Vister adresses topics of ecological transistion and the global loss of biodiversity through her artistic practice and takes a queer eco feminist perspective when looking closer into the very often disfunctional nature-culture relation, and human-non human and human-human relations. She is the founder of Røst AIR – an interdisiplinary, ecologogical artist in residency and artist association, founded in 2012, situated on Skomvær island, Røst.

Georgia Rodger
Pulse Sequence

I’ve been working with the idea of performative making; a transformative process where the focus is on the act of making itself. In parallel to the creation of a physical sculpture, I loop and layer sounds to make a cumulative composition, overlaying the first moment with layer upon layer so that these past moments remain present and animated. In this live metamorphosis, body, sound and material come together in time to create a multi-dimensional whole.