Mayhem Machine at Encounters Festival

Encounters Festival, Bristol 20.09.2017 10.3022.09.2017 23.00


Marieke Verbiesen’s interactive installation Mayhem Machine visits Bristol at the Encounters Festival! On Wednesday September 20th at 10.30 Marieke will take part in a Q&A titled “The Future of Animation & Interactivity».

Read more about Mayhem Machine at Encounters Festival here.


About Mayhem Machine

Mayhem Machine is an interactive instrument that produces synchronized sound, light and animation compositions, controlled by the audience via a custom made interface. The installation features instruments that can be used to control a symbiotic set of animations and sounds, and offers tools to further enhance the audiovisual compositions made by its users.

Mayhem machine is designed for interaction, the audience can use its playful tools to invoke “mayhem”. The machine aims to challenge its users to experience audiovisual compositions through a variety of tools designed for both construction and deconstruction, using playful forms of interaction.

Read more about Mayhem Machine here.


About Marieke Verbiesen

Marieke Verbiesen a new media artist who makes playful, interactive installations and games. Marieke blends the use of animation and obsolete technology like old computer hardware and super-8 film with new technologies, such as interactive interfaces and motion tracking in works based on B-Movies, computer games and science fiction. Marieke is also video advisor at BEK.
Here is Marieke’s websiste.