Man versus Machine at Temporary Architecture 9 by André Steenbuch Marandon

Kunstmuseet Nord-Trondelag 13.04.2013 00.0013.05.2013 00.00


The project-sequens “Temporary architecture”, a form of “site spesific” art or “town-art”, engage in the townstructure – a kind of artistic townplanning”, expressed as elements in the public space and/or commenting installations in the gallery space.

In the Art Museum Nord-Trøndelag engineparts from a large powerengine floats silently in slow motion inside a cocoonlike octagonal room. The walls are gradually covered with selfportraits of the residents of Namsos – portraits taken along the original coastline through the city. On the floor under the floating engineparts, the original coastline is projected on laboratory petri dishes filled with seawater. The former powerful life of the engine is now transformed into presise floating movements determined by nature- and cultural forces: Cloud-height, wind, human made sound and body temperature – natural forces and human will power.

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The project is sponsored by: Norsk kulturråd, Omron, Steinkjær mekaniske as, Mylift, Bilskadesenteret, Glommen entreprenør, Relacom og Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag.