Loadbang: “adaptation/volume” by Ricardo del Pozo

Bergen kunsthall 23.04.2010 13.0023.04.2010 15.00


My work primarily concerns itself with the recorded material. It deals with the aspect of acousmatics, space and the idea of the musical structure / composition as a spatial and sculptural form, the way a musical piece achieves a body, a form, through spatialization techniques, a study in the virtual space overlapping the physical, auditory perception of space and visual perception of space, one superimposed on the other.

Through digital processes and spatialization techniques I’m emphasizing the importance of space and how it affects how we listen. My work spans from live performances, compositions to large scale audio installations. It is about generating and distributing sound in space, creating space through sound. It is about the inner density and quality of digitally processed recordings and how these recordings gain new significance through these constructed environments.

About loadbang

loadbang is a series or regular meetings for artists and students working on real-time based prosessing of media using software such as Max, SuperCollider and Pd. We will meet twice a month to discuss a number of advanced topics. The participants will be encouraged to propose topics for upcomming meetings as well as to present and discuss their own projects, so that we can focus not only on technical issues but also the artitsic use of the software.

loadbang is a collaboration between BEK and Bergen National Academy of the Arts, with support from the Norwegian Art Council and The Municipality of Bergen. Meetings take place at BEK, C. Sundtsgt. 55, top floor.