Live camera in installations and performances

BEK 04.12.2015 13.0004.12.2015 16.00


The use of live camera solutions opens up for a great variety of possibilities in theatre, dance and installations. But it also adresses some issues that has to be taken into consideration.

– Do we really need it ?
– Will it materialize your ideas?
– What else will it materialise?
– And will the result be as predicted ?

These are some of the issues we’ll address at BEK on Friday 4th December at 13.00 – 16.00.

Through presentations of recent projects by Gisle Martens Meyer, Marieke verbiesen and Lars Ove Toft we’ll share knowledge and experience, and try to get closer to a less troublesome integration of live camera on stage.

The seminar is support by project funding from Bergen kommune.

Gisle Martens Meyer is an artist, musician and performer. At the moment he’s working on a new project involving live green screen solution. He’ll present the project, and we’ll be able to do some testing inside his green screen installation.

Marieke Verbiesen is an artist, animator and video consultant at BEK. Her installation Movistar has been shown at different locations both in Nederlands and Norway. She’ll present her project.

Lars Ove Toft is director at BEK, former theatre technician, and has together wirh Piya Wanthiang, developed a moving camera and multi camera/screen setup for a performance at BIT-Teatergarasjen this spring. He’ll present the prosess of developnment and the different solutions they ended up with on stage.