Lenis plassar

BEK 08.05.2019 19.0008.05.2019 20.30


Welcome to the performance of Lenis plassar – an auditory interpretation of Øivind Rimbereid’s poem, read by Siri Ingul and Kristian Berg-Jåtten with music by Arthur Hureau.

In Lenis plassar we meet a 42-year old unemployed man from Stavanger, searching for his pregnant girlfriend, Leni. Through fragments of dialogue and narration we follow the narrator’s somewhat confused progress from room to room, space to space. The text is filled with industrial, electrical and digital references that contrast with the other main element – a chorus of voices from nature, mainly flowers. The flowers follow the main character ubiquitous, and comment as a Greek chorus on all things that happen.

For the text, a musical landscape has been composed. At times it is “coherent” with and have an elaborate function, while at other times it will be in contrast, to the text. The soundscape is mainly composed of sound recordings that capture the sound of the room, and especially when there is a shift in this sound. Particularly sensitive recording equipment has been used to obtain sounds from outside the specific room in which the equipment is located. In this way, the sound examines the narrator’s spatial confusion. The protagonist’s voice, on the other hand, becomes an anchor through the sometimes great and/or unexpected leaps that the story makes. The contrasting elements of nature and other voices that the protagonist meets emphasize the formal and literary aspects of the text.

The artist were on a Work Residency at BEK this winter, to develop the sound topographies for this performance. Lenis plassar has also been performed at Prøverommet and Bergen Public Library.

The project is presented in collaboration with NLA Høgskolen, and is supported by Bergen kommune and BEK. Many thanks to Den Nationale Scene.

Photo: Michaela Gettwert

About Siri Ingul

Siri is educated as an actor from Bergen teaterskole and Drama Studio London. She also studied theater at the University of Oslo, and is employed as a assistant professor in drama and theater at NLA Høgskolen. Siri has taken the initiative to Lenis plassar as part of her artistic research project at NLA.

About Kristian Berg-Jåtten

Kristian is an actor educated from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He has been employed at Den Nasjonale Scene in Bergen since 2015.

About Arthur Hureau

Arthur is a french composer and sound-designer currently living and working in Bergen. He operates within a cross-disciplinary artistic field merging contemporary music genres with sciences, DIY engineering, socio-political reflections and digital art. Arthur has been a performer in Ensemble DIME and has shown personal and collective projects in Europe and USA. 
Arthur Hureau on Soundcloud here.