Jenny Berger Myhre

Østre, Østre Skostredet 3 20.11.2021 22.00


20 NOVEMBER 22:00
Østre, Østre Skostredet 3
Free entrance with registration at
Tickets at the door: 100,-

Jenny Berger Myhre presents a live performance and a listening session with sounds from her collection: field recordings, computer-generated sequences and cassette tapes as well as her modular synthesizer.

As a performer, Berger Myhre strives to make a space for shared listening, removing the expectations of virtuous musical gestures by focusing on the sounds and the mental images they produce in us. Her music, videos and images all come from gathering and collecting — field recordings, conversations, personal moments and family archives. The seemingly private is displayed in her work not as a confrontational act but as a vulnerable and empathetic one. Intuition plays a big role in her practice, and rather than being conceptual, she approaches art-making with curiosity and openness, as if collecting pieces for an unknown puzzle. It takes time, patience and creates a lot of doubt — all of which she is slowly learning to embrace. 

Berger Myhre´s artistic work is deeply entangled with her ways of working and interacting with a broad artistic field, where she embraces the artist-run, collaborative and non-hierarchical.

Jenny Berger Myhre

Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist with a background from the underground music scene in Oslo. Her approach to making art has been collaborative from the very beginning; taking photos and making videos for artists and musicians, experimenting with free form theatre groups (Teatra), playing in political bands (Ohnesorg) and arranging festivals and residencies with a flat structure as a political model. Progkunstfestivalen and ILAF (I løpet av festivalen) took place in Oslo from 2012 to 2016 and was arranged by a versatile group of artists and political activists, with an aim to create a performance space in which genres and hierarchies were defied and where a wide range of people could feel welcome as an audience, no matter what kind of background, experience or pre-knowledge they had.

Since 2016, Berger Myhre has been collaborating with Jenny Hval, as well as releasing and composing her own music, curating the concert series f.eks., volunteering in a multiplicity of organisations including the newly established Nuts and Bolts which aims to promote and facilitate decentralised and experimental discourses and activities in the field of music technology. She also hosts the Meetups for Artists in Technology at NOTAM in Oslo, an online, international and safe meeting space highlighting the work of female, non-binary and trans-gendered artists. She is a member of Svartdalskollektivet, a socialistic performing arts collective located in the makerspace Kroloftet in Oslo.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift.

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