Jeff Carey – Chop Chop

EKKO/Utmark at Landmark 20.10.2010 21.0020.10.2010 23.55


In the crack of a whip energy transfers down the taper of the handle translating into sound. The initial rush of air created by the motion of the cord through the air is transformed into a sharp crack where the end of the whip exceeds the speed of sound; a small sonic boom.

The idea that a sound is transformed by the quality of motion is the starting point for a new performative multichannel work composed by Jeff Carey and commissioned by BEK which will be presented in Bergen in October.

Jeff Carey composes fixed media multichannel computer music and has performed real-time computer music in solo and ensembles like Office-R(6), USA/USB, the N-Ensemble, SKIF++ using gestural controllers and self written software.

Seldom bridging the divide in these approaches in computer music, his focus for this composition is in performative aspects of spatial sound in the instrumental context: gestural control of both sound production and localization in ways that are compositionally meaningful.

Working from the analogy of the whip, this piece explores the transformation of sound in place and in motion.
More information about Jeff Carey and his work is available at

This commission is supported by Art Council Norway. The consert is arranged by the Ekko Festival i cooperation with Lydgalleriet and Utmark.

Jeff Carey, together with Bjørnar Habbestad, is also in charge of Dipole, two main workshops at BEK this fall.