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May 5: 1100-1600
May 6-8: 1000-1600
May 9: 1000-1400

Do you think your friends should do more gardening? Or to eat less sugar? Or to scream like hell and smash their phones? Make a game of it and they will do that! Does it sound like a gamification or magic? Don’t worry, it’s just game design! Or art…

The workshop brings a knowledge about game design and development to independent artists and empowers them with essential strategies for survival in a cruel corporate world dominated by big cats.

1. Introduction to games and reality
What makes a good game? What makes a good reality? How to connect a game and reality and how can they influence each other?

2. What do you want to change?
Discussion about reality and how it could be changed for better. Bring your own ideas about what you would like to change around you or about yourself. We will talk about them and we will pick one to make a game together.

3. Introduction to handy tools
Discussion about tools and opportunities, benefits and traps. How to stay independent, free and not to be pushed away by big companies.

4. Production time
Making the game together. Team work.

5. Testing
Testing and improving the game till it is perfect (or at least useful).

6. Launch
Making a video, feature pictures, text, webpage and spreading the game around.

What you will need?
1. Ideas. What do you want to change in the world?*
2. A computer (Linux, Windows or MacOS).**
3. Processing (
4. Some bitmap editor as Gimp or Photoshop.
5. Some smartphone or tablet recommended, but not necessary.

*) Pick one idea. Be particular. Prefer something you face in everyday life. Examples: A) Eat less sugar. B) Reduce palm oil in chocolate. C) Laugh more often.

**) No prior knowledge is needed. Completely unexperienced people can make their own App running on their phone within 3 hours!

Petr Svarovsky is an artist and indie game developer. Exhibited at Venice Biennial, Ars Electronica, FILE Festival and various international shows. Lectured internationally, e.g. at ISEA Conference 2010. Awarded by Ars Electronica Honorary Distinction for interactive art in 1996. Known for his S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) smartphone game published last year. Recently establishing and spreading Challenge and App Driven Event as new art genres.

SEND AN E-MAIL TO bek(at) IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP. Free workshop and free coffee 5-9th of May.