Gerhard Eckel: ‘Catabolizer’

KHIB, Rom 8, Vaskerelven 8 09.03.2010 15.3013.03.2010 19.00


Music is an essential nourishment for humans. Creating music is a form of cooking. Listening to music is a form of ingestion. Cooking and eating, as well as composing, performing and listening are conscious and deliberate acts. Cooking and composing create expectation; eating, performing and listening satisfy hunger. What happens to the music after we have taken it in? Digestion is an involuntary and unconscious bodily process. Catabolizer sonifies the music digestion process. It consumes entire pieces of music, chews them, swallows and digest them, i.e. breaks them down into components which can be absorbed. Music catabolism is an almost residue-free process. All the music digestion process excrements after about 48 hours are faint little noises.

On Wednesday the 10th and Friday the 12th of March at 1530 concerts will take place at Lydgalleriet within the Catabolizer environment, to be digested and absorbed by it.

The project is a collaboration between Borealis festival, Lydgalleriet and Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK).

March 10 at 1530: David Helbich, ‘Social Piece’
March 12 at 1530: Anders Førisdal and Laurence Crane perform pieces by Clemens Gardenstätter, Lisa Spalt and Laurence Crane.