Found Sound – Making music by recontextualising field recordings

BEK & Bergen Kjøtt 18.06.2024 10.0020.06.2024 17.00


In this workshop, Jenny Berger Myhre invites the participants to create a collective composition based on field recordings and found sound. In addition there will be an introduction in the use of the sound editing program Ableton Live for participants wanting that.

We will go through some of the methods Jenny uses to create music from sound archives, by first collecting sounds, then sorting, recontextualising and organising the sounds to become a live concert we perform together at Bergen Kjøtt.

During these three days, we will reflect upon topics such as:

  • Awareness of one’s own presence in the recording session — a subjective approach to field recording
  • Empathetic listening exercises — finding strategies to give oneself better feedback in the music making process
  • Performing with pre-recorded material — ranging from using Ableton Live and other playback technologies, to performative and spatial aspects — depending on what the participants are most eager to explore

Time: 18–20 June, 10:00–17:00, concert on 20 June at Bergen Kjøtt.
Place: BEK, C. Sundts gate 55 and Bergen Kjøtt, Skutevikstorget 1. 
Sign-up: Sign up via this form by 14 June.The lower age limit is 16 years, and we encourage younger people to sign up. The workshop is free and will be held in Norwegian, or English if preferred. No previous knowledge is necessary. 

As a participant, you will get access to Ableton Live during the workshop days.
You will need to bring a laptop, a pair of headphones and a recording device if you have one (contact BEK at if you need to borrow anything). You are welcome to bring whatever instruments you wish, but it is not necessary.

The workshop is presented by BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, Bergen Kjøtt and Femme Brutal, and has received support from Arts Council Norway. 


Jenny Berger Myhre (1991) is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video and photography. Her work explores and exposes the personal in an honest and curious manner, and revolves around documentation and archives, intimacy, memory, reality and re-contextualisation. Her music is created from field recordings, fragments of melodies, computer generated sequences, modular synths and lo-fi electronics — resulting in soundscapes with references to both the electro-acoustic tradition as well as experimental pop music. She seeks to remove the expectations of virtuous musical gestures by focusing on the sounds in themselves, and the mental images they produce in us, inspired by listening as a relational act — a way to connect to the world and to other beings.


Femme Brutal is a queerfeminist club concept and booking collective based in Oslo and Bergen. Femme Brutal came out of an environment around RadiOrakel and Konsertforeninga, surrounded by a DIY-ethos, with a desire to get more female artists up and forward on stage, and with a hairy ambition to make the music industry a more livable place for female musicians, technicians, producers and the public.


BEK’s space unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. Please send us an email at if you’re using a wheelchair, and we’ll do our best to facilitate your needs. Our space has all gender toilet facilities. Service dogs are welcome. We also provide the option of a quiet room.

Images: 1) Jenny Berger Myhre. Photo: Asher Levitas. 2) Jenny Berger Myhre at BEK Symposium 2022. Photo: Nayara Leite.