Future DiverCities

“First kiss before anything once” by Kaeto Sweeney

Opening of "Latent City" at Bergen Kjøtt 12.11.2020 19.0012.11.2020


First kiss before anything once
Kaeto Sweeney
Multimedia performance

Kaeto´s work shapes itself around the different ways stories are told and received, stories that belong simultaneously to personal and societal perspectives. He practices this interest within performance, film and installation as part of an ongoing project called I seem to live. With the use of projectors and green screens as both technological and poetic devices, he questions beginnings and endings. First kiss before anything once is a story of a lonely boy longing to go dancing.

With the support of BEK, First kiss before anything once will premier a version that is written for both an online and an IRL intimate audience.

Kaeto Sweeney (b. 1993, London) is an artist and producer of club night ASTERISK. Kaeto is particularly interested in symbols of freedom and using a queer lens. He completed his Bachelor in Fine Art at l’Ecole Nationale d’Art Paris-Cergy in 2017 before moving to Bergen where he obtained his Masters in Fine Art at the Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, KMD, UiB in 2020. Kaeto’s recent projects include the group exhibition MA2020 at KODE 2 (2020); the artist talk Searching for freedom […] at 71 BODIES Festival / Kunsthall 3,14 (2020) and the duo show Allegoria with Josèfa Njtam at Hordaland Kunstsenter (2019).

Kateo Sweeney’s website.

Latent City

Latent City presents artistic productions dealing with the city’s hidden stories. Seen through the lens of artistic observation, hidden stories, latent infrastructures and questions of digital presence and of power and democracy in our cities, meet in an exhibition that takes place over three weeks. The Latent City is the city that awaits, the one that is about to unfold, our common future city. 

Several of the art projects are financed or commissioned by BEK, while others are existing works presented in new formats. A video program will be on show throughout the project period and there will be an extensive program of talks and performances. Please read more about the project and the programme here.