Ekko Festival 2020 + BEK

Programme presented by Ekko and BEK during the Ekko Festival 2020 at Østre 09.10.2020 15.11.2020


During this year’s Ekko Festival, Ekko and BEK together present a live, film and exhibition program. The festival runs from October to November, and a more performances will be released soon. Go to the Ekko Festival page for full programme.

Photo: Kim Hankyul

Kim Hankyul: The Tempest
9 – 23 October

Exhibition, 1st floor Østre
Entrance 40,-, free with concert ticket for the Ekko Festival. 
The exhibition is presented in collaboration with BEK.

In The Tempest, the soundscape of natural turmoil will be cinematically realized through the sequential reflex of raw material. The overwhelming power of nature will be sonically depicted in continuous variations, by the sound made out of minimal motion of machineries.

Kim Hankyul is an artist living and working in Bergen. Graduated with BA in Aesthetics from Seoul National University and MFA from The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen. Hankyul’s work mainly shows the incompleteness of perception by putting the discordance to the fore between visual surroundings and sonic phenomena. Scales and materials of work have been varied from ready-made object installation to large kinetic architecture. Recent works were shown in Atelier Nord (2020), Gyldenpris Kunsthall (2020), Bergen Kunsthall (2019), Landmark (2019) and Galleri Slakt (2019).

Still from film by Ruffmercy

Seeing Sound Cinema
24 – 25 October

Ground and 1st floor at Østre
Saturday 24 October 18.45: Premiere with introduction by Marieke Verbiesen, followed by a concert with Strings & Timpani with Espen Sommer Eirde (see below).
Sunday 25 October 13 – 18: The film programme is shown in loop the whole day, followed by a conversation between Marieke Verbiesen + guest (person tbc)

Entrance 40,-, free with concert ticket for the Ekko Festival. Tickets at TicketCo here.
Seeing Sound Cinema is curated by Marieke Verbiesen, and is presented at Ekko in collaboration with BEK.

Strings & Timpani

Strings & Timpani with Espen Sommer Eide
24 October 20.15 – 21.15

1st floor, Østre
Concert, ticket 150,- (includes the premiere of the film programme and introduction)
Ticket at TicketCo here.
The concert is presented in collaboration with BEK.

Refract / Recurse

Refract / Recurse by Birk Nygaard & Tijs Ham
Exhibition, 1st floor, Østre, Fongaard

Opening: 8 November 13.00 – 20.00 with live version 18.00
(NB: Book a seat for the live-version on ticketco!)
Exhibition: 9 – 12 November 13.00–20.00
Finnissage: 13 November 13.00–20.00 with live version 19.00
(NB: Book a seat for the live-version on ticketco!)
Entry 40,- Free with any ticket to Ekko Festival 2020
The exhibition is presented in collaboration with BEK

Refract / Recurse is an audiovisual installation by Tijs Ham and Birk Nygaard. The project combines scattered laser projection and electronics, consisting of feedbacking analog mixers. Together they generate musical landscapes and shimmering lights. The laser beams are refracted, lighting up the space in a hypnotizing pulse while the music slowly builds up to an all encompassing sonic wave. The project has previously only been presented live, but will be transformed into an exhibition format for Ekko Festival.