Dream Dust

KODE 4, Bergen 17.04.2015 11.0030.04.2017 17.00


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“A museum visit you won’t soon forget”, writes Bergens Tidende’s art critic about our newly opened exhibition in KunstLab. He claims that Dream Dust is an unusually dynamic and lavish exhibition for both children and adults.

Dream Dust is KODE’s new exhibition in KunstLab, museum for children of all ages. Via illustrations taken from current Norwegian picture books, the exhibition invites young and old into an enchanted dream universe. The illustrations are presented in ways that are unusual for picture books. They are placed in a context together with objects and art installations from the museum’s collections. Picture books are often our first encounter with art, our first opportunity to foster our imagination. It is this sense of experiencing art for the first time that KODE wishes to recreate for everyone who visits Dream Dust.

Artists and Illustrators

Katrin Berge, Akin Duzakin, Anna Fiske, Stian Hole, Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Rune Markhus, Kari Stai, Yokoland, Øyvind Torseter and Svein Nyhus. Artist Roald Andersen has created the installations.

The exhibition is curated by KODE’s learning and engagement team.

Illustration by Øyvind Torseter. From the book «Sokrates og pappa» with text by Einar Øverenget. Aschehoug, 2012.

Illustrasjon av Øyvind Torseter. Fra boken «Sokrates og pappa» med tekst av Einar Øverenget. Aschehoug, 2012.