Datamoshing Workshop with Rosa Menkman

UROM, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek 27.09.2017 19.0027.09.2017 22.00


Can hacking the innards of a file give you insight into how the underlying data works? How to unlock the aesthetic of a digital file? In this third, and last, workshop is the workshop series Digicraft, we will look into exactly these questions.

Rosa Menkman will give a workshop in “datamoshing”. Datamoshing, or databending, is a complex technique where the movement in one layer of video is applied to another layer of footage, using lossy compression and removed frames to create a glitchy, psychedelic result. Think of what it looks like when your Netflix stream is dragging and creates a ghost image transition.
Datamoshing is the practice of intentionally using compression artifacts in digital video and animated GIFs that is sometimes to referred to as “glitch art.”

Time: Wednesday September 27th at 19:00
Place: UROM, Bergen Public Library
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About Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkman is a Dutch art theorist, curator, glitch artist and visual artist specializing in glitch art and resolution theory. Menkman has curated several international exhibitions of other artists’ work at the Chicago Museum of Art, Glitch Festival, Transmediale in Germany and Sonic Acts in the Netherlands.

About Digicraft

Digicraft is a workshop series focused towards youth, combining new technology with hands on workshops to create a translation from the digital to the analogue, using tactile output. The project is a collaboration between Bergen Public Library and BEK, and is supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen Municipality and Hordaland County/KUP – Kulturelt Utviklingsprogram.