Crash course in filmmaking

BEK 21.01.2019 10.0022.01.2019 16.00


Make a story, prepare the shoot and hit REC, before going into the crucial editing process! The workshop will be led by filmmaker and -producer Paul Johannessen, and will run for two days. The first day we will learn theory and get some introductions, and the second day we will be making something.

Monday 21st – Tuesday 22nd January at 10.00 – 16.00
Price: 400,- including lunch both days.
Sign up to to join, please note that there are limited spaces.
You don’t need advance knowledge to participate.

What we will learn

Story: Two ways into narrative
– WWWWH (Who when what where and how?)
– Myths and the hero of a thousand faces

The shoot: Cameras, sensors, codecs, formats, lenses, frame rates, ratios and microphones
The frame: Manipulating the viewer’s attention
Composition and shot structure, camera moves and other techniques
The line and when to cross it
The golden moment when you hit REC

The edit: Anchoring the story in sound. Montage and associative language.

About Paul Johannessen

Paul Johannessen (born 1977, Australia) has a background in film, sound and music production. He was educated in Sydney in Film and TV Production and began in the industry working on TV Series and feature films as an assistant director. He has collaborated with artists to produce video artworks, worked as a cameraman and soundman on TV news, drama and documentary productions as well as directed his own documentaries. Playing and recording music throughout his twenties also informs his approach to film. He now mostly produces online video content for companies and cultural organisations as a one-man operation, and also works with sound on larger crews, both recording sound on-set and doing post-production sound design and mixing.

Johannessen is a generalist with a varied experience of production, it is the art of editing that most fascinates and is what informs the whole process of filmmaking. Understanding how you want to edit a project, really helps decide how it will be shot, and even how it will be written. He want to work backwards through some recent projects he has worked on, and hope that reverse engineering his work can be of benefit to people developing their own projects.

More about Paul Johannessen on his website here.