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The audience will use headsets to hear the sound of the performance, and the actors will be blindfolded. Parts of Maurice Maeterlincks text The Blind will be played in the headsets and the actors will try not to let time run away from them.

The performance is in english, and put up in Søylesalen at Cornerteatret!

Actors: Karen Eide Bøen, Anita Bjørkli, Marija Baranauskaite and Sara Bruteig Olsen
Direction and sound: Runar Bruteig Olsen
Video: Anita Bjørkli
Scenography consultant: Silje Sandodden Kise
Producer: Anna Borcherding
Poster: Dino Dikic

Supported by Bergen Kommune and BEK has contributed with equipment and consultations along the way.