Artist Talk: Gisle Martens Meyer

HKS 01.12.2009 19.0001.12.2009 20.30


Gisle has a typical modern electronic music background. He grew up making music and sound on computers, from Commodore 64, Amiga and trackers in the 80s, through PCs, hardware and sequencers in the 90s, up till today’s large quantity of mobile, digital possibilities. Gisle owns and runs a record company called Uncanny Planet, and he’s an innovative user of new technology both in his making and distribution of music, in rather untraditional and untried ways. He is strongly engaged in possibilities, challenges and issues that face both the art and its viewers, and how we experience art in our online everyday life.

Gisle Martens Meyer is currently making music for children’s TV series “Kometkameratene” on NRK, and has his own permanent series of concerts at Kafe Edvard.