Andrea Spreafico: Poor Dictionary, Lemma: English

Entrée 03.09.2022 13.11.2022


Coinciding with the symposium, the gallery Entrée functions as a library on the subject of writing, housing an open and plural conversation about the conditions of writing, initiated by Andrea Spreafico.

Exhibition and performances (lemmas)
Time: 3 September–13 November, Wed-Sun
Venue: Entrée, Markeveien 4b

Writing has perhaps never been so present in everyday life as it is right now, a preferred tool for communication on the many social platforms via smartphones, laptops, comment sections, feedback reviews…, and even so, the reflection about writing is not growing at the same pace.

Visitors are invited to contribute and spend time to read, write, re-write, copy, demand new acquisitions, listen to records, argue and discuss. The pages of the library’s items will be used as a space for handwritten exchange and confrontation, where people can freely share their comments or comment on other people’s comments. Visitors can extend the library’s catalog, participate in the scheduled events and bring new written reflections; the collection will continuously grow throughout the fall.

Lemma on Distance, Saturday 3 September, 6pm and Sunday, 11 September, 12 pm (available in the gallery and PDF here)
Lemma on Movement (by Erlend Auestad Danielsen), Wednesday, 14 September, 12pm (available in the gallery and PDF here)
Lemma on Handwritten Notes, Saturday, 1 October, 5pm (available in the gallery and PDF here)
Lemma on Quotes, Saturday, 8 October, 2pm
Lemma on Rage, Saturday, 29 October, 2pm
Lemma on Orality (with Ingrid Cogne), Saturday, 5 November, 2pm
Lemma on English, Sunday, 13 November, 4pm

Lemma = a heading indicating the subject or argument of a literary composition or annotation.

Poor Dictionary is open Wed-Sunday in the period 3 September–13 November, 12:00-18:00 at Entrée.

Andrea Spreafico studied Philosophy at the Universities of Bologna and Reims (PhD in Ethics and Aesthetics 2003-2006) and Art and Public Space at the Art Academy of Nürnberg (2006-2008). He’s the author of a book on Nietzsche’s concept of power (L’onestà dei forti, Genova, 2008) and has presented artistic works in several international venues. Since 2014 he has created performances merging theater, dance, live music and theory. His most recent works are Bad Dante Bad English Bad Opera (2022), Danced Work in Progress (2021), The October revolution took place in November (2020), We have to dress gorgeously (2019), Good Morning Milton Keynes! Oh …it’s afternoon (2019), Footnote Number 12 (2019), Vive la Phrance (2017) and What a classic is and how it performs in (our) time. Paul McCarthy, Rocky, 1976 (2015). He is an associate professor in performative art (officially DAV) at Bergen School of Architecture.

Photo credits: Photos courtesy of Andrea Spreafico.

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