Act III by Scott Elliott

Belgin (KODE - Rasmus Meyers Allé 3) 07.11.2019 20.0007.11.2019 21.00


Scott Elliott will premiere an extract from his text work in the form of a radio play at Belgin on November 7th at 20:00. Recording of readings for the radio play has been made in BEK’s sound studio.

Act III is a collective reading event presenting a section of Scott Elliott’s new artist novel centring around ideas of auto-cannibalistic funding structures and ethnographic surrealism. Formatted as a hybrid of artist fiction novella, Victorian play, and exhibition para-texts. the work outlines the construction and aftermath of a museum constructed in memoriam of a traveling party who journeyed into the rainforest in search of otherworldly enlightenment.

Act III is a retelling of the events on which the museum is founded, presented in the format of a radio play. The novel’s central character is used as a tool with which an archival body attempts to reconstruct the narrative of the journey and thus construct a museum in memoriam to those lost at the hands of tyrannical leadership.

This event is generously supported Norske Billedkunstnere and BEK.

About Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott is a Bergen and Athens based writer, publisher and curator. His first artist novel ‘The El Dorado Commission’, received the Scorpion and Felix Award for international artist fiction from Publication Studio Vancouver and was subsequently published through PSV. He is the founder and editor of Coda Press, and directs Weekend Server, an institutional model commissioning new works, residencies and gallery representation. Weekend Server colludes with other organisations, sometimes as host and sometimes as guest, often both at once.

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