A Liminal Dwelling – Esther Tuypens

USF Visningsrommet 10.04.2014 20.0010.04.2014 21.00


Much like Warburg’s Bilderatlas Mnemosyne, it creates a Denkraum, a space for thought that unfolds between two modes of relating to the world and to history, namely immersion and reflection. As a liminal space between poetry and philosophy, the installation plays on making present what is physically distant and unobtainable. After the talk, the artist and her collaborators will enter into a group discussion about the installation and the creative process behind it.

Esther Tuypens (b. 1988, Belgium) obtained a master degree in Theater and Film Studies (2011) and an advanced master degree in Theater Studies (2012) at the University of Antwerp. In October 2012 she became a research fellow for the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO), and is currently preparing a Ph.D. entitled Restoring Gestures: Exploring Aby Warburg’s Method for Theater Studies at the Research Center for Visual Poetics at UA.