A Dip in the Lake

Cornerteateret,Cornerteateret 06.12.2013 19.0006.12.2013 20.00


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Runar and his associates put it this way:

Based on John Cage’s A Dip In The Lake, we will bring out the sights and sounds of Bergen, and present it to an audience. Our man-made environments are rich in content: they are meaningful. They are the result of our collective activity that shapes the sound, acoustics, the sonic texture we always find ourselves in. In parallel is the visual expression itself, shaped by us and in constant change. It is Bergen’s audiovisual production we present.

This is a romantic project: To view the esthetic results of collective operations. It is also a political project: to tell the story of our surroundings and to extract the content and consequences of what we do.

The project is conducted in collaboration with BEK and is supported by Fond for lyd og bilde. Director: Runar Bruteig Olsen. Cast: Anita Bjørkli, Sara Bruteig Olsen and Bjarte K. Helland