6.1 – playback and live multi-channel diffusion evening at BEK

BEK 10.04.2019 18.0010.04.2019 21.30


A selection of sound artists, musicians and composers will each compose or improvise a short format multi-channel piece for this event. In order to draw or introduce the audience into diversified acousmatic experiences, this event will present traditional analogue diffusion style with different speakers non-symmetrically spread in the room. Some acts will be performed live and some will be pre-composed and playback.

Morten Poulsen (DK)
Mattias Arvastsson (SW/NO)
Kim Hankyul (KR/NO)
Craig Wells & Arthur Hureau (GB/FR/NO)

6.1 is the following act of HYDRA, a first attempt of multichannel event series curated by Craig Wells in march 2018 in order to re-introduce a wide panel of acousmatic, electroacoustic, noisy, ambient, electronic and glitched listening experiences into Bergen’s sonic milieu.

6.1 is co-organized by Arthur Hureau, Craig Wells and BEK, and will be the first in a series of three acousmonium concerts. The next concert will be at BEK May 15th, and the final concert will be held at Rokkansenteret in collaboration with Griegakademiet (UiB) as the result of a workshop in sound diffusion spatialisation performance led by composer Natasha Barrett. More info will come.