Boundary Crossings – Portland USA

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Til denne utstillingen viser Marieke Verbiesen og Håvard Pedersen den interaktive installasjonen “Plan 10”, co-produsert av BEK. Plan 10 består av lyd, lys og animert video som brukere kan kontrollere med et kontrollpanel, og simulere hendelser i en miniatyrby. Basert på bøken “Last City of the Gods” av norsk sciencefiction forfatter Tor Åge Bringsværd.

_Boundary Crossings is an international conference focussing on Animated Arts. With the advent of digital technologies, the appearance of hybrid moving images has emerged as the norm – rendering boundaries between live action, animation, and image processing as porous as the platforms of display that host them. Boundary Crossings
embraces the hybrid-moving image by combining critical thought, fine art practice and digital technologies. Traversing the terrain of space, time, and form this two-week innovative institute explores the emerging field of animated arts through infused theory and practice sessions, screenings and hands-on making. Animation has long existed outside the codes and conventions of the studio cartoon. In re-defining animation and the manipulated image, animated art forms are pushed beyond the movies to permeate our cultural landscape.
Boundary Crossings will present speakers and current practitioners Norman Klein, Marieke Verbiesen, Marina Zurkow and Rose Bond._