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“The collaborative art project Kollisjonsindeks (an index of collisions) was initiated in Bergen, Norway, in 2012 by Thorolf Thuestad and Roar Sletteland. Thorolf and Roar are both active within the field of sound design and artistic activism. For this project they invited a group of artists with diverse backgrounds to participate: Writers Hild Borchgrevink and Øyvind Ådland, film maker Tor Kristian Liseth, and artist Øystein Nesheim.

Originally, the collaboration set out to find an alternative workflow and process that would contrast the normative duration and structure of developing performing arts projects in Norway. Gradually the project became a testing ground for exploring different cultural formats, and how they collide with each other.

The aim of the project is to produce modular works that, in the future, will generate a whole universe of texts and objects. As suggested by the name Kollisjonsindeks, frictions and collisions are most welcome as part of the process.”

Excerpt From: Apichaya Wanthiang. “KOLLISJONSINDEKS.” BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst, 2015. iBooks.

KOLLISJONSINDEKS” contains interviews, texts, reviews, video, sound and pictures


Language in Time – Espen Sommer Eide

“This is an essay about language in time. Two terms so far-reaching that you could probably sort all other concepts under one of these two. What else is there but language and time?

It is too broad a subject to hope for completeness, so I have tried instead to curate a playlist of small excerpts of sound that will be played while you read these paragraphs – as a kind of reading intervention, to fill in the gaps between my words. Most of these are sound examples of extralinguistic usage of language: language used in unusual and aesthetic ways, and points where language and music intersect. They are mostly taken from various sound archives, but let me start by playing two of my own recordings.”

Excerpt From: Espen Sommer Eide. “Language in Time.” BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst, 2015. iBooks. https://itun.es/no/01VS7.l

“Language in Time” contains text and sound samples

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