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Workshops, conferences and seminars


BEK - 31/01/2011 to 05/02/2011

Jamoma workshop

BEK is happy to host this years Jamoma development workshop with 10 developers from France, United States and Norway. The main focus will be on implementations issues for the upcoming 0.6 version, automated testing prosedures, integration between Jamoma and other platforms, and how to move forward the coming years. Of cource, the importance of intense late night discussions will not be neglected.


WRAP, Møllendalsveien 46a - 10/12/2010

Seminar on sound design in stage productions

Following Transiteatret’s performance Ressentiment, BEK will organise a seminar on sound design in stage productions. The sound design in Ressentiment was developed in collaboration with BEK, and we want to present the results at this seminar.


BEK - 06/12/2010 and BEK - 07/12/2010 and BEK - 08/12/2010

VPT workshop

Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 December BEK runs a VPT workshop. HC Gilje will provide a basic introduction to the use of a video projection tool he has developed. The workshop will consist of introduction, setup to get started, and then groups of three people each will work “hands on” testing different projections.

Free admission.
Registration by mail to bek[at]


BEK - 29/11/2010 and BEK - 30/11/2010

Introducing BEK's videostudio

29. November and 30. November: Basic 6 hours introduction course in video editing and using our videostudio.


BEK - 15/11/2010 and BEK - 16/11/2010

Basic Videorecording Course

15. November and 16. November from 12.00 – 19.00

In this course we will be filming with various cameras for various purposes and learn basic camera use.