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Workshops, conferences and seminars


BEK - 10/06/2013 to 14/06/2013

Arduino workshop at BEK

Søren Andreasen will hold an Arduino workshop at BEK Monday 10. – Friday 14th June. The course is free, join by mailing us.


BEK - 06/05/2013 and BEK - 05/05/2013

Instrument building workshop with Johannes Bergmark

Sunday 5 and Monday 6 May, Bergen Improstorband invites you to an instrument building workshop with Johannes Bergmark at BEK. The goal is to create your own instrument to use at concerts on Tuesday 7 May at the Library, Østre and Cafe Opera.


BEK - 22/04/2013 to 26/04/2013

Workshop: Field recordings and surround sound

Sourround sound is used for film production, games, electronic music, video and sound installations and in sound design for stage. This workshop provides a practical and creative introduction to the topics for beginners, with a particular emphasis on equipment available at BEK and software developed at BEK.


BEK - 25/01/2013 to 26/01/2013

Workshop "Archangelica" (a sound sculpture)

A small team has been formed to make an outdoor sound sculpture. The working title of the project is “Archangelica”. The creation of the sounds will be based on rain hitting the metal surface of the sculpture. A workshop took place in Fitjar on the 25th and the 26th of January.


BEK - 10/12/2012 to 14/12/2012

Video-workshop at BEK

Starting point: Our Canon 5D and Sony video cams.
Process: …. idea and planning / setting up a studio environment / lighting conditions / necessary assessories / re-planning and adjustments … and ACTION.
Tempting? ONE PLACE LEFT. Sign up at bekatbekdotno


BEK - 23/11/2012

Electromagnetic Workshop

The artist Peter Flemming will come to BEK and lead one day workshop with high experimentation factor; Fredag 23rd of November / 11-16.
Electromagnetism, experimental speaker, found material, ready-mades, ressonans, DIY, lunch, art, BEK, Peter Flemming, you.


Various locations throughout Nordnes - 11/11/2012

1:1 Sketching in Nordnes

A four day workshop held by Eva Kun for the third year class at the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) aimed to uncover, articulate, and complement the hidden values of situations within Nordnes through visual acts at a scale of 1:1.