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Artistic development


Marseilles - 29/01/2017 to 30/01/2017

Launching of Future DiverCities

As one of the key partners in Future DiverCities, it is with great pleasure BEK invites to the opening of Future DiverCities. The launch will take place at the digital art festival Chronique in Marseille on January 29. The launch features a strong artistic program, where amongst others HC Gilje shows his light installation In Transit X in Alcazar Library in Marseille.


Sentralbadet - 26/10/2016 to 15/12/2016

Petition - Make Sentralbadet a House for the Stage Arts in Bergen Now

BIT Teatergarasjen and Carte Blanche need our support! Please read more and sign the petition here.

The petition is available in Norwegian and English.


BEK artist talk - 21/10/2016 and BEK residency - 13/10/2016 to 24/10/2016

Exploring „Voiceland“ - residency and artist talk

Mareike Dobewall and Gisli Gretarsson will do a residency at BEK in mid Octobre. Friday 21st they will share their findings in an artist talk and discuss the future of their project „Voiceland“.


Bergen Assembly - 01/09/2016 to 02/10/2016

BEK collaborate with Bergen Assembly

BEK is co-producing several projects for this years Bergen Assembly. Since 2014 we have developed content together with Bergen Assembly-curators, artists and administration. It has been a deep digging experience, and we are looking forward to see, hear and feel the results.


hiroshima international animation festival - 18/08/2016 to 22/08/2016

Interactive Installation M-Machine at Hiroshima International Animation Festival Japan

Marieke Verbiesen will travel to the Hiroshima International Film Festival between 18th and 22nd of August to present her interactive installation M-Machine to the Japanese audience.


Øyafestivalen, Oslo - 09/08/2016 to 14/08/2016

Art at Øyafestivalen in Oslo

Espen Sommer Eide is exhibiting his sound work "The Distribution Of The Audible” at Øyafestivalen from the 9th-13th of August. The work consist of approximately 30 sound clips recorded all over the world and played through old horn speakers at the festival.


Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund - 15/06/2016 to 15/07/2016

Line Horneland: The sound in-between

“Lyden i mellomrommet” (The sound in-between) is the master thesis by Line Horneland, completed at Stord/Haugesund University College in the spring 2016. The text is a critical reflection on various aspects of artistic development relating to the interactive vocal installation “Lyden i mellomrommet”. The installation was open to public at Sola ruinkirke January 2016.

Main supervisor has been Magne Ingolv Espeland, and Trond Lossius at BEK has been assistant supervisor.