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In and Out of Space: Critical Approaches to Spatiality in Sound and Image


In and Out of Space: Critical Approaches to Spatiality in Sound and Image is a two day doctoral training workshop at the University of Aberdeen, and features keynotes, workshops and performances by Professor Paul Koonce (University of Florida), Trond Lossius (BEK) and Johannes Deutsch.

The Universities of Aberdeen, Abertay and Robert Gordon University, in association with SCAN, sonADA and SGSAH are holding a two-day training workshop (17th -18th March 2017) at the University of Aberdeen, which will provide doctoral students with the theoretical and practical skill-set to understand the role of space and spatiality in sound and image, particularly focusing on 3D audio rendering, sonification and visualisation technologies in constructing, making sense of and interacting with 3D space and exploring ways in which these technologies can be utilised in their own artistic and theoretical work.

The workshop will comprise a series of seminars, technical sessions and performance/screening of works by three internationally renowned professionals in the field of 3D sound and 3D visualisation whose main artistic outcomes have focused on space and spatiality.

The three invited keynote presenters are:

Professor Paul Koonce – University of Florida
(creative use of Wave Field Synthesis)

Trond Lossius – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts;

Johannes Deutsch
(sonification and visualisation of space)

Tickets for the artistic presentations can be booked here:

Fri 17th March, 1615 – 1800, Johannes Deutsch screening

Sat 18th March, 1715 – 1830, Paul Koonce & Trond Lossius performance

Photos by Kwangrae Kim.

Supported by The Municipality of Bergen.

Last updated 2017-03-22.

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Time and place

Venue: University of Aberdeen
From: March 17, 2017 12:00
to: March 18, 2017 19:00

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