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KHIB-workshop - Thermo-chromic inks

KHIB-WORKSHOP 7. – 9. mai i Marken 37. Fremdeles noen få plasser ledige. Påmelding via mail til Hilde Hauan.

Welcome to an exciting workshop with leuco dye-based thermo-chromic inks. These inks are temperature sensitive compounds, developed in the 1970s that temporarily change colour with exposure to heat.
The workshop will be held by Marjan Kooroshina who is a PhD student in smart textiles at Textile and Fashion University of Borås-Sweden.

Her practice and research revolves around interactive textiles, new materials, processes, technology and technique development. Her study focus on “textile printing technique” and is an investigation of how to use smart textile materials (Thermo-Chromic color, crystal ink, photo luminescent color and Hydro-Chromic color) in different temperatures. She then combines skills in the craft with new technology in order to develop innovative textile design concepts for both contemporary and future use.

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Sist oppdatert 2012-04-24.