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Jovis Verlag GmbH - 03/08 to 20/08

Trond Lossius: Losing myself in the world

Trond Lossius has contributed a chapter to the book Labor Mülheim. Künstlerisches Forschen im Feldern zwischen Prekarität und Kreativität, edited by Jürgen Krushe. The book reflects on artistic research projects carried out in Mülheim in the Ruhr region, and is published by Jovis Verlag GmbH.

Galleries and Libraries - 04/08 to 07/08


The End(s) of Electronic Literature Conference will take place August 5-7, 2015, and is hosted by the Electronic Literature Research Group at the University of Bergen. Pre-conference workshops will take place on August 4th. BEK supports the conference with equipment.

BEK - 08/06 to 30/08

BEK's Ebook Releases

Apichaya Wanthiang has been editing two ebooks for BEK, which are now released on iBooks Store. KOLLISJONSINDEKS – It’s Magical and Strange, but it’s just Natural, and in colaboration with Espen Sommer Eide, Language in Time. The e-books are free, and available for iPad and MAC. Just open iBooks, go to iBooks Store, surch for the ebook titles and download (or click on the links in this text).

Stetson University, DeLand, Florida - 20/07 to 24/07

Jamoma DSP developer workshop

In July five of the Jamoma developers met up for a one-week workshop at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. The workshop targeted further development and use of the C++ libraries.

BEK - 18/06 to 31/08


To better operate our booking system of our facilities of technical equipment, editing facilities and project spaces there will be from August 2015 ONLY booking by mail and borrowing/returning equipment on MONDAY and THURSDAY

KODE 4, Bergen - 17/04 to 30/04

Dream Dust

The exhibition Dream Dust is an invitation to explore the dreams of adults and children, but is also a tribute to picture books as works of art.

BEK has assisted towards sound design for the exhibition.

Landmark - 24/06 to 25/06

Three Mixers Concert Landmark

An evening of expressive Live-electronics and visuals by Tijs Ham, Bjornar Habbestad & Birk Nygård. The turbulances within the tubes of the flute are matched by the complex behaviors of feedback mixers. And if this isn’t enough… we also have lasers!



Mail server issues (fixed)

We’ve had some issues with the mail server over the past few days, but the issue seems to be fixed…



Ingrid Berven: New book in the library

In conjunction with the ongoing exhibition at Stiftelsen 3,14, Ingrid Berven has published a book documenting recent and older…




Two workshops for artists & writers by Melody Nixon. Saturday June 6th, 2 – 4pm USF Verftet, Georgernes Verft 12…


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