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Bergen kunsthall - 11/04 to 04/05


BEK supports several works in the MA 2014 exhibition. The movie The Perpetual Progeny by Anders Elsrud Hultgren was commissioned by BEK for Screen City 2013. The multichannel sound installation by Ellen Øyen Vister based on field recordings from Røst is part of Radio Hopes and Dreams – Lab For Ecological Transition. Max/Jamoma is used for mixing and playback. BEK has also supervised the making of the perfomance installation Pulse Sequence by Georgia Rodger.

KNIPSU, Komediebakken 9, Bergen - 29/03 to 27/04

BIRTH - an exhibition by Ane Lan

In the exhibition Birth a male artist takes Kristeva´s word for it and let his artistic alias Ane Lan assume the role of creator and protector of a child. Through video, drawings, photography, odour, sound installation and performance the artist tries out future perceptions of gender and reproduction. Ane Lan defies biology and our culture to indulge himself into the desire and the experience of giving birth to a child.

USF-Visningsrommet - 04/04 to 13/04


Opening 4th of April at 23:00
4-13th of April from 23:00-02:00
Talk by Esther Tuypens, 10th April at 20:00 at USF-visningrommet

Without waiting for her reply continues Apichaya Wanthiang’s investigation into the themes of memory, experience, and the spatiotemporal conditions that define them. During a nocturnal exhibition, the visitor is guided through, and immersed in a narrative landscape, where isolated individuals relate to each other in a newly established continuum.

BEK - 24/03 to 25/03

ToBe Continued

In conjunction with world Turberkolosis day, ToBe Continued is an original concert lasting 24 hours, during which musicians from many parts of the World will be connected to a website that will broadcast their concerts. BEK will both host a listeningstation for the event, and host one of the acts participating. Link to stream

USF Visningsrommet - 10/04

A Liminal Dwelling - Esther Tuypens

During a short talk, Esther Tuypens will discuss Apichaya Wanthiang’s exhibition Without Waiting for Her Reply in relation to her research on Aby Warburg. The talk will put forth some ideas concerning the installation as an object and producer of knowledge.

Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes plass 2, Oslo (inngang Sofienberggt.) - 29/03

Seminar: Surround lyd

Atelier Nord ANX hosts a one-day seminar on surround sound recordings.

Gisle Tveito, Trond Lossius and Jana Winderen will reflect on their experience recording in surround. Anyone interested in sound recordings, and in particular surround sound recording for music, sound art, film, etc., are invited to join in and share thoughts, ideas and experience, or just meet up for discussions on recording and working with surround sound in general. Presentations are in Norwegian.

Free entrance.

VOX - 22/03 to 30/03

a door

Sound installation by Katy Penny, where BEK develops the interactive side of the installation. A door is placed in the middle of the room, it can be opened and closed, but you can also walk around it. What you choose affects the soundscape of the installation.

At Galleri VOX the 22. – 30. March 2014



Last 3 days: Without Waiting for her Reply by Apichaya Wanthiang

4-13th of April 23:00 to 02:00 USF-Visningrommet Without Waiting For Her Reply continues Apichaya Wanthiang’s investigation into the themes of…



Evighetens avkom på Oslo Screen Festival

I samarbeid med Kulturbyrået Mesén / Rom for Kunst, presenterer Oslo Screen Festival filmen Evighetens Avkom av Anders Elsrud Hultgreen…



Work Study at Rom8

Exhibition at Vaskerelven 8, 3. – 13. April 2014. Opening on Thursday, 3. April, 5 -7 pm. The involved artists…



Vi trenger Cornerteatret!

1. Signer oppropet: NEI TIL STENGING AV CORNERTEATERET! 2. Spre ordet! 3. Diskuter og kommenter! 4. Møt på Cornerteateret mandag…


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