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Galleri Vox - 15/05 to 07/06


1 installation – 6 stories

Then she looks her in the eye. Everything stops. Before time began again. From a sullen restraint and cool exterior, she finds herself in chaos.

HOVE - 28/06 to 03/07

Benedicte Clementsen at HOVE

As part of Hovefestivalen’s artistic program, Benedicte Clementsen will show two art works. In Bunker 37 she displays her video installation One Combination Like Any Other (two channel video (HD) (6:11 min) and audio (17:11 min), looped) ; on the Pebble Beach, which is part of the festival site, she shows performances at announced times.

Fjellhytten - 14/06

Rad #6 Frihet Samspill Isolasjon

In cooperation with the Belgium label Seismographic Fabric we launch the album ‘frihet, samspill, isolasjon’ with contributions from Sigbjørn Apeland, Kris Delacourt, Espen Sommer Eide, Knut Vaage, Anne Marthe Dyvi, Signe Lidén and Dag-Are Haugan. The record is a double vinyl with cover by artist Jochem vanden Ecker.

Landmark - 15/05

Henrik Koppen performs on The Jist Release

On the occasion of the elpee release of musical duo THE JIST, there was a big celebration at landmark with music, performances, dance and art. BEK has supported Henrik Koppen with equipment for his performance. The materials he will be performing with are: glass bottles, birch sap, projection and a funnel. The performance will last for 20 minutes.

Lydgalleriet - 26/06

Parmerud(SE) Brummer(DE) Barrett(NO/UK) Lopez-Lezcano(US) Vinjar(NO)

As part of the Multi concert series 2014, Lydgalleriet & BEK presents: An ambisonics concert feat.
Åke Parmerud (SE)
Ludger Brummer (DE)
Natasha Barrett (NO/UK)
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (USA)
Anders Vinjar (NO)

Doors open 20:00, concert starts at 20:30
Aria ex Aria by Anders Vinjar is commisioned by BEK.

the museum garden of Alvøen Manor - 01/06 to 30/06

The Whistling Project by Susi Law

Isn’t it a non-gender specific voice, unconscious sound we make/ heard, signal tunes, a universal language when relaxed/ nervous, a forbidden gesture, a skill that parents taught, and a little gust of wind going through our lips? - 14/05 to 30/05

Raspberry Pi Notes

Over the past year Stian has been using Raspberry Pi for a number of his own projects, as well as for video playback solutions in several projects by other artists at BEK.

He has set up a web page where he collects hints and howtos for others that want to start working on RaspberryPi.



New prize for internet art: Prix Net Art

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CfP: 1st Web Audio Conference (WAC) — Ircam and Mozilla Paris, France, 26–28 January 2015

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KHIO - Videreutdanning i entreprenørskap

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo bekjentgjør nå et nytt kurs til høsten: Videreutdanning i entreprenørskap: Hvordan å bli rik på din kunst,…


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