BEK offers resources and services to our users, mainly professional artists. You can book project rooms and studios, rent equipment, loan books, get advice in artistic processes and help with applications. If you use BEK a lot, you can be handed out keys. In that case, you will be responsible for following our procedures and routines for the use of BEK and our resources. We do not charge you for using our facilities, but if you get access to equipment we will charge you a symbolic rental.

How to become a BEK user

Send an email to one of our employees, or to Tell us who you are, what you are doing, and what you need. We respond to you as quickly as possible and suggest how to follow up your request – either by providing access to resources or we invite you to a meeting where we discuss the project. If we can help, it requires the project to profile BEK as a partner or support organisation, and we want access to promotional material and documentation.

Project rooms

At BEK there are two project rooms that can be used for artistic work, workshops, presentations and meetings. Both rooms have a stereo sound setup and either projector or screen. The smallest room also has a green screen for movie recording.


We have two small studios for post-production of video and audio. The video studio is used for editing, digital animation, stop motion, post production and digitization. We provide access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut X, and some other relevant software. The studio is equipped with a MacPro, an HD display and a UHD display for editing, as well as a 55 “UHD display and a 13” Sony Triniton monitor as reference screens.

The audio studio is soundproof and can be used for recording, mixing and editing up to 8-channel audio. It is equipped with a stereo DynAudio speaker setup and an 8 channel ambisonic setup with Genelec 8020 speakers. The sound card is a Motu 1248. Here you must bring your own laptop (and your own sound card if you prefer so). Microphones and midikeyboards can be booked as needed. The studio is NOT suitable for band recordings.


BEK has a reference library with literature, journals and catalogs aimed at contemporary art and music, with a particular focus on sound art and new media, as well as technical reference literature. As a user, you can borrow books, otherwise the library is available for reading at BEK. We provide access to electronic literature and, where you can find a variety of relevant tutorials to immerse yourself in.

If you have a proposal for new titles that can complement the library, we will gladly receive suggestions. In particular, we are interested in literature that can help to further develop a basic reference library and books of direct relevance and value for research and development work at BEK.


BEK’s equipment can be hired by artists and artist organizations for shorter periods. All bookings are made through bookingatbekdotno. Responses to requests, retrieval and return of equipment are available on Mondays and Thursdays between 10-16. The minimum price for all rentals is kr. 200, –

List of equipment will be posted soon.