New books at BEK

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BEK has a reference library with literature, journals and catalogues that focus on contemporary art and music, particularly sound art and new media, as well as technical reference literature. As a BEK-user, you can take books out, otherwise the library is available for reference reading at BEK. We provide access to electronic literature and, where there are a variety of relevant tutorials to immerse yourself in. Now we got some new titles to borrow.

  1. Adams, Tyler (2016): Sound Materials – A Compendium of Sound Absorbing Materials for Architecture and Design. Frame Publishers.
  2. Bentkowska-Kafel, Anna & Cashen, Trish & Gardiner, Hazel (2009): Computers and the History of Art vol. 3 – Digital Visual Culture – Theory and Practice. Intellect Books.
  3. Cornell, Lauren & Halter, Ed (2015): Mass Effect – Art and the internet In the Twenty-First Century. MIT Press.
  4. Erwig, Martin (2017): Once Upon an Algorithm – How Stories Explain Computing. MIT Press.
  5. Kent, Steven L (2001): The Ultimate History of Video Games – The story behind the craze that touched our lives and changed the world. Three Rivers Press.
  6. Klein, Norman M, (2004): The Vatican to Vegas – a history of special effects. The New Press.
  7. Petzold, Charles (2000): Code – The Hidden Language of Computer hardware and Software. Microsoft Press.
  8. Roads, Curtis (2015): Composing Electronic Music – A New Aesthetic. Oxford University Press.
  9. Roads, Curtis (1996): The Computer Music Tutorial. MIT Press.
  10. Williams, Elliot (2014): Make: AVR Programming – Learning to Write Software for Hardware. Maker Media.
  11. Rushkoff, Douglas (2010):Program or be Programmed – Ten Commands For a Digital Age. Soft Skull Press.
  12. Wittje, Roland (2016): The Age of Electroacoustics – Transforming Science and Sound. MIT Press.