Future DiverCities

Launching of Future DiverCities

Marseilles, France 29.01.2017 11.00


As one of the key partners in Future DiverCities, it is with great pleasure BEK invites to the opening of Future DiverCities. The launch will take place at the digital art festival Chronique in Marseille on January 29. The launch features a strong artistic program, where amongst others HC Gilje shows his light installation In Transit X in Alcazar Library in Marseille.

Future DiverCities acts as an incubator for cultural innovation and new practices in creativity by stimulating risk taking through the creation of artworks in challenging urban environment. An important part of Future DiverCities is the holistic program by the 10 key partners hosting creative labs.

Read more: http://chronique-s.org/en/ and  http://futuredivercities.eu